F1 Internet 

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Rubbish Internet speed?  Want something better?

F1 Internet provides internet to homes and businesses using revolutionary wireless technologies.  F1 Internet aims to deliver high speed broadband where others can't. Unlike many other internet providers we don't rely on telephone wires to deliver the internet, instead we beam it wirelessly, direct to your property.

Not Covered by our network?

We love the internet and think everyone should have access to fast broadband so we can all live in this modern world. 

If we don't already have a network in your area, no problem we can build one, its as simple as that. Unlike BT we wont take years and we don't only look at heavily populated areas.  Please get in contact as we would love to help.

Our expertise

Custom long range private internet solution. 

We specialize in getting high speed internet to places the big boys can't go or want to charge tens of thousands to connect.  

Whether its simply between two buildings or around an entire estate to multiple locations, we can help, so please get in contact with us.

Our expertise

We also do more than internet

IT Consultancy

Infrastructure Project Management

Office 365 

Office 365 and VoIP Consultancy 

Business UC Solutions