Rubbish Internet speed?  Want something better?

Coverage now live in 

Swindon Ergo Business Park
Mildenhall  - Berwick Bassett - Uffcott

Connecting your business when others can't

Our broadband is delivered wirelessly through the air using carrier grade equipment. This means we can often get to tricky to reach places and offer installation at a fraction of the cost compared to a cabled alternative. Each business connection is evaluated individually by our engineers and tuned to extract maximum performance from the connection. This means we're able to offer a service comparable to a fibre leased line, in locations you might not have thought possible.

Cheaper than a leased line

Installing a leased line can be a costly exercise and even after it's installed a leased line often costs many hundreds of pounds a month. An installation from F1 Internet only requires a small amount of equipment to be mounted on your building, allowing installation costs to be considerable less. This is also true for recurring monthly payments, not relying on Openreach infrastructure allows us to offer a leased line quality service for much less per month.


If your office is located in or around the Ergo business park in Swindon we can offer you a business class internet connection. If your office is located within one of our other network areas we can still provide you a fast internet connection based on our home user packages

Our business packages are all lease line equivalent with synchronous upload and download speed. Using out 1Gbps network we can offer your company a tailored solution to suite your needs. Please get in contact to find out more. 

Our Business Plans

Our standard "off the shelf" business plans are below but if your require more please get in contact;

Option 1 - 30 Mbps (Up & Down)
£69 a month 
No Download Limit 
£99 install fee

Option 2 - 60 Mbps (Up & Down)

£99 a month 
No download limit
FREE Install

Option 3 - 120Mbps (Up & Down)

£129 a month
No download limit
Free Install

Please get in contact to find out more.

All prices are +vat