Rubbish Internet speed?  Want something better?

Live networks now in 

Mildenhall  - Berwick Bassett - Uffcott - Swindon (Green Bridge Road Area) 

** Now Live in Yatesbury **

We don't use copper phone lines (so you don't even need a phone line to use our service). Nor are we offering expensive or slow satellite solutions. Our network is built using a solution called fixed wireless broadband. 

If you live around Mildenhall (Minal), Berwick Bassett, Uffcott, Yatesbury or the Swindon Green Bridge road area and get rubbish internet then get in contact as we can help. 

Our network already covers  a large area and is growing fast so even if we are not  already live in your area, no problem as we are always looking for new areas to cover. 

To keep things simple we only offer 2 packages.

Option 1 - Caped Downloads
£33 a month (Inc Vat)*
We aim for a download speed of 20 Mbps or more **
10GB download limit

Option 2 - Unlimited
£40 a month (Inc Vat)*
We aim for a download speed of 20 Mbps or more **
No download limit


If you get less than 2 Mbps then you should be able to claim a grant code from the government to cover the install cost. Click on the link below for more info;

>> Info on the Better Broadband Scheme  <<

Connection costs without a grant start from as low as £149. Please get in contact to find out more.

 * Monthly price can vary depending on any extra network we need to  install to get the internet to your location and the number of customers in your area
** Speed can vary depending on location and distance but we always aim to get a minimum download speed of 20 Mbps with a guaranteed download of 10 Mbps and upload of 2 Mbps

If you are not 100% satisfied with your new connection within the first month and no-longer want our service then we will be happy to refund your full install fee and first months rental charge.